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oh my god.

oh my god.

I cried.

I decided to do some flashbacking to last year... and I realized suddenly...

how much...

I love you guys.


no one could ever ask for better friends. you all make my life what it is: Hectic, fun... but mostly, full of love.

dead serious, you all deal with my PMS, my tears, but mostly, it's the hugs you give me during these times.

it's little things like this

"When you're lonely and insecure, make a fishy face and maybe another fishy faced friend will come to say hello.  So smile on gorgeous *blub*"

and this

"you're wicked awesome with a boston accent..."

and even this

"we met last year in chorus when I used to tip you off your chair..."

So guys... a tiny me eighth grade reminder:

Spread the love.  Look for me on a bad day and I'll be making a fish face, I'll tell you how wicked awesome you are in a boston accent, or even tip you off you're chair to get your attention and make you listen, when you're down, just like you all did for me.

You are always beautiful.  Never forget it.

(so it took a lot to post this... I don't know why...  but it's something we all need to hear every once in a while.  that someone loves us, and that we love eachother.  someone will always be here for you guys, no matter how far we drift, always. don't forget it.)
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